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Professional communication in English

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Professional communication in English-2

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Lord of the flies book review

Book Review - Lord of the Flies by William GoldingDate : 09-08-2017PRANJAL BATRAQUEENS VALLEY SCHOOLIs humanity inherently prone to savagery or civilisation? I guess the jury's still out on that one.Golding, however, is convinced that we are all bloodthirsty savages at heart - and he has written this novel to prove it.When men tried to govern themselves, and started this whole process with goodwill inside, but blinded with egotism and lust for power, tragedy and destruction are inevitable.Human nature is corrupt, it only takes a trivial thing to make its nature controlled by nothing but malice. This book represents the perfect allegory for men's mental construct. Culture fails repeatedly, and no matter how hard we can repress it, nothing will ever stop the drive to become savages.Lord of the Flies isn't just a book about boys becoming independent. It holds a deeper, more subtle meaning to it, making the reader question what it really means to be immoral and the true meaning of evil. All the time, the reader is questioning Ralph, Piggy, jack and the other schoolboys' decisions and actions, until it comes to a point when the reader is unable to take in all that has happened. Innocence is lost and life for the boys will never be the same again.Allow me to briefly explain the tantalizing plot. Set in an unspecified war period,a plane crashes, leaving a group of schoolboys stranded on a deserted island. Shocking, but not that unbearable. After all, the young boys' dream have come true: who wouldn't want a whole island to play on all day without any nagging from the adults? The unlikely protagonists are the fair haired Ralph, and his sidekick, appropriately named Piggy. Ralph befriends a choirboy named Jack, who turns out to be the antagonist of the story. Both boys grow to loathe each other as the days pass, with Jack getting hungrier for power. Soon what was initially thought as a blissful escape from the adult world quickly devolops into something sinister and usettling.If you like your books to have gripping and believable characters with a plot second to none, Lord of the Flies is for you. I can promise you that you'll finish the book, left with a new and fresh outlook on the world around you and perhaps a thought as to what exactly Lord of the Flies is about. Indeed its inner meaning is very dark, making the reader wonder how thin the line between good and evil really is.

The Vulcan Language

The Vulcan language is a fictional language in the Star Trek universe. From the time of the beginning, Star Trek fans have been inspired to create their own Vulcan language, especially since few Vulcan words or names were ever spoken in the original series.

Class 12 Solve Exam Paper

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Digital image processing

Hindi giving PDF we will study about the following topics :- 1-image 2- image processing 3- application 4- included in image processing 5-structure of eye ( human being) 6-image sensoring 7-basic relationship between pixels