Knowledge in upsc essay in english

English for engineers

This pdf contains useful information specially for engineering contains 1.skimming and scanning. 2.tenses. 3.articles. 4.prepositions. 5.verb forms. 6.formal and informal letters. to build a resume. 8.Types of letters. 9.some interesting and inspiring stories. 10.complete comprehensive passages which is very useful for competitive exams. 11.precise writing. 12.describing a place. 13.cover letter.

Ancient architecture of India

This contains information about the ancient architecture of India in the Ashoka and Mauryan periods.

Complete Manufacturing of blue jeans

This document contains complete information on manufacturing of blue jeans.the manufacturing of jeans involves three stages 1.preparatio of yarn. 2.dyeing of yarn. 3.weaving of yarn.

Professional communication in English

This document contains is the question of English which covers the topics like precisely writing, resume and cover letter and many more.

Professional communication in English-2

This document contains question paper for English which covers the topics of engineering English like precisely writing, cover letter and many more.

Articles exercise

Articles grammer exercise

English Hons DU

These are notes creates by students/ teachers of University of Delhi. Refer to these for your exams. They are really helpful.