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Paryavachi shabd,Vilom shabd and anekarthi shabd in hindi (First semester notes) Chapter-2 (Part-4) Makhanlal chaturvedi national University,Bhopal For BCA first Semester students

Chapter-2 (Part-4) IN This, There is a chapter first of Communicative English and Hindi Subject named Paryavachi shabd,Vilom shabd and anekarthi shabd Makhanlal Chaturvedi national journalism and communication University, Bhopal. There is a very important note of Communicative Hindi and English For BCA first semester Students. Share with your friends and help them to learn communicative hindi and English. There are Five subjects in BCA first semester.

Municipal Corporation , Municipality and List of current Mayor

It tells us about the information Regarding Municipalities and Municipal Corporation. Mayors important roles include leadership, promoting positive Relationships ...This sort of Information will definitely help the UPSC aspirant because this are some of the basic information a person should know for any exams whether it is am SSC , UPSC or any civil Service exams going around in india apart from that A Mayor plays a very Important Role in Control of the City . As he is one of main person Responsible for what's going around in the city A Municipal Corporation is Ruled by an IAS Officer which is a very Big Responsibly taken by the person.

Magneto plumbites

Physics notes regarding magneto plumbites A mineral (Pb,Mn)(Fe,Mn,Ti)6O10(?) consisting of an oxide of ferric iron with lead, manganese, and titanium occurring in acute black metallic hexagonal pyramids

Physics Engineering Questions

some important question regarding physic for Engineering students

important role of a District Panchayat , District collector

important role of a District Panchayat , District collector

structure Organisation representing power of the government

representing the power of the government by position

Class12 Hindi Paper Boards

Hindi Class12 which is useful for learning the language what going on with the marks to score good marks improvement of results and it gain our knowledge with great interest