Knowledge in upsc essay on digital india

An overview of "Digital India"

Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India in order to ensure the Government's services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology.

Municipal Corporation , Municipality and List of current Mayor

It tells us about the information Regarding Municipalities and Municipal Corporation. Mayors important roles include leadership, promoting positive Relationships ...This sort of Information will definitely help the UPSC aspirant because this are some of the basic information a person should know for any exams whether it is am SSC , UPSC or any civil Service exams going around in india apart from that A Mayor plays a very Important Role in Control of the City . As he is one of main person Responsible for what's going around in the city A Municipal Corporation is Ruled by an IAS Officer which is a very Big Responsibly taken by the person.

Digital India( Boon or Bane )

Digital India is a great initiative by over prime minister Narendra Modi. Digital India movement is consistently growing and as a result, a very positive impact can be seen in government sectors as well as others. It is benefit-full for all those who are willing to proceed in the uncorrupted way i.e. Formerly in many government Workers and kind were charging more money than usual/chargeable amount. Eg. When a person wants to get a licence for manufacturing medicine, he was supposed to pay the license fees in cash only. So if an officer charges more than usual fees, it could not be detected to that person. But now a person has an option that he can pay online also. This is how public sectors are becoming more transparent with the help of the DIGITAL INDIA movement. And corruption is reducing day by day.And this is how people who are willing to proceed for their work in an uncorrupted way are getting benefited. I hope u like it and learn it.