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MCA New Syllabus (WBUT)

Master in Computer Application (MCA) new syllabus of West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT)


Basics of Measurements: Accuracy, Precision, resolution, reliability, repeatability, validity, Errors and their analysis, Standards of measurement. Bridge Measurement: DC bridges- wheatstone bridge, AC bridges – Kelvin, Hay, Maxwell, Schering and Wien bridges, Wagner ground Connection. Electronic Instruments for Measuring Basic Parameters: Amplified DC meter, AC Voltmeter, True- RMS responding Voltmeter, Electronic


SYLLABUS,Review of Selected Topics in Electronic Circuits, Active Filters: First & Second order low pass/high pass, band pass, band reject, and all pass filters

Java,c++,data structure, syllabus of all things mentioned,assiment all the stuff you need to get a good marks in your college exam

If you are doing BCA then you need this for your good grades all the things you need like syllabus notes last year paper of my college ( St. Xavier college).all notes are hand written and in good hands writing it also includes my assignment which you need the most from all of it. After these you won't need any further notes or any other this you will get syllabus like exactly what to study and last year's paper of all subjects so you will get an idea like what type of questions will came in exam.this recourse will help you the whole 1 St year.please rate if you like it. I have given sample of my handwriting

Evs syllabus 3

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Syllabus of BCA in St. Xavier college Ranchi

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Machine learning with Python

Syllabus for Machine Learning with Python Programming Language

Machine learning syllabus

Syllabus of Machine Learning